Family Documentary Photography – Remembering what we forgot

Playful. Relaxed. Unashamedly You.

Bold, beautiful photos that tell the story of your family… right at this moment in time.

So many of my clients favourite images are the ones where the children or parents aren’t even aware of the camera, they are focussed on each other, on everyday life, on playing and loving and being uniquely you.  The absolute beautiful every day ordinary, where sweet intimacies are seen and captured, like how you both look at each other a certain way, big beautiful smiles across faces, sweet, intimate strokes of a mothers hand over her childs face… I also LOVE the quirkiness of the beautiful everyday ordinary, like how a child finishes their cereal by drinking the left over milk straight from the bowl, or how they might save their chewy on the side of the plate. I even love the moments of meltdown because mum won’t let the dog drive the kids to kindy.  I want to talk with you, and capture it all, real, as it is, glorious quirk and beautiful in-beween moments – all of it!  My job is to see it and capture it as unobtrusively as I can…

Whether its a full day of Day in the Life, where I come and hang out with you from the moments the kids wake up, until they lay their weary little heads at night… or whether we squeeze in an hour long Short Story Telling Session – I will be finding out a bit about you, and the beautiful everydayness of your gorgeous little family, and we will work out a plan to capture images that light you up inside!  The kind of images that you want to see all big and bold up on the wall.

My clients tell me often, that they are desperate to capture those real authentic moments, of personality, quirkiness, delicate little intimacies, emotions and connection.  They ask me to capture family documentary photographs that will help them to remember what they are so afraid of forgetting…

So be brave. Be fearless.  And get in the shot!! Exist in the images of your family – for both their, and your, legacy of family, of love, of life.