Family Documentary Day in the Life Photography

What is Day in the Life Photography anyway?

First and foremost, Day in the Life Photography utilises the family documentary photography approach, where there is no posing (woohoo I hear all the dads say), no forced smiles (sigh of relief I hear the Mumma’s shout out), no trying to keep kids still (let them play), and no direction in any way from the photographer… the focus is all about capturing those beautiful everyday ordinary quirks that are present and exist in every family.  I want to show those beautiful connections that exist naturally and organically.

So often I see clients a year or two later who tell me how precious the photos of every season are – because the family just grows so fast that it can be overwhelming to register in your brain.  I remember one mum telling me that she didn’t realise how awesome she had it each year during the photos, even when kids were fighting or had ice cream on their shirts, or the toys were all over the lounge room … looking back and seeing the kids were happy and playful, and remembering little quirks they had at age 4, little interactions between siblings at ages 6 and 8, and even some little rituals at breakfast that the kids had with dad that they had forgotten all about now… these were the moments they loved remembering and looking back on…

So many of my clients favourite images are the ones where the children or parents aren’t even aware of the camera, they are focussed on each other, on everyday life, on interacting, looking at each other a certain way, big beautiful smiles across faces, having fun and playing… connecting… My job is to see it and capture it as unobtrusively as I can…

Documentary Family Photography is about standing still, just for a moment, and becoming aware of right now, so you can all just love on it a bit specifically today, and then capture it all, so you can look back on it, and almost be anchored to this moment in time!

Creative Session Fee

Beautiful Family Day in the Life photography creative session fees start at $600 (for a half Day), $1200 for 12 hours coverage (whole day)  and includes;

A pre-session consultation, to discuss and plan your session and the kinds of images you are hoping to produce.

Either a half (6 hour) or whole day (12 hour – from wake to sleep) family documentary session starting at home, and potentially heading out doing what it is you normally do.  Day in the Life Sessions are all about your everyday beautiful ordinary.  Whatever it is you usually do together, that is what we will do… and I promise, it will never be boring, and your glorious mess, will just show as a home well lived.  These sessions are seriously indulgent in the best possible way!! They are totally focussed on your family for a whole or half a day, capturing those beautiful everyday ordinary moments from dawn to dusk!!  I don’t know if there is anything better!!! How the day pans out is totally up to your family.  The story is yours to tell.

All time taken to edit and prepare these beautiful art pieces (I will take quite a lot of images, and curate a Gallery of your day that will be priceless).

A Reveal and Order session, at your home, to view your stunning images and order your bespoke wall art, albums or story box.  Usually when a Day in the Life Session is scheduled, we know its about telling a story, so at the design consultation, we will review how you want to view your images (most popular choice start with a custom hand made album, and a couple of ‘hero’ shots for the wall)… but you can add Wall Art, beautifully hand made custom Wooden Story boxes, gift prints, cards… whatever it is you fancy

You only buy what you love, so you can mix and match products to produce a truly customised collection that helps you to Remember what we Forgot…

Delivery and installation of your chosen Wall Art and custom made products.  (I’ve got a guy, and he will hang all wall art professionally, straight away!! Pure Bliss!)

Clients typically invest between $2500 and $7500 for their customised, professionally printed Wall Art, Albums and Story Boxes.

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