Beautiful Maternity Photography

Creating and growing a baby is a pretty miraculous event…

I don’t know if there is anything more gracious as a woman in the bloom of pregnancy.  Seeing those beautiful full bellies and those hands gently caressing that bump and the miracle of the movement within is really something quite amazing.  To me, pregnancy is one of the times a woman illustrates both the fierceness and grace of life.  Capturing the story of your pregnancy is something special to remind you of the wonders of your body.

One of the most special moments I have witnessed, is when my nephew asked his Mumma if there were any photos of him in her tummy.  Watching them sit together and look at those images is a moment in time I will never forget… and always be grateful for.

A maternity photography session is a 60 to 90-minute session with mum showing off that gorgeous baby bump.  Of course, we would like partners and big brothers or sisters to come along too.  Ideally, we like to schedule the maternity shoot when mum’s are between 32 and 36 weeks.  This is an ideal time to show how big bump is getting and hopefully before bump begins to drop.  Depending on how you want to remember these images, we can either schedule a beautiful relaxed documentary session around your home or we can venture out to a choice of beautiful outdoor locations, either forest or beach based. For those wanting to, I can provide the most luscious long materials to flow around and behind you and your gorgeous bump.  There is also the option to do a more intimate, home-based shoot, incorporating beautiful morning light in your home.

Maternity sessions pair beautifully with the Birth, First Glimpse or Newborn Packages.

Creative Session Fee

Beautiful maternity photography creative session fees start at $250 and include;

  • A pre-session consultation, to discuss and plan your session and the kinds of images you are hoping to produce.
  • A 60 to 90 minute on location photography session, with the use of a variety of internationally sourced maternity gowns, luscious flowing fabrics and unique glass beads.
  • All time taken to edit and prepare these beautiful art pieces.
  • A Reveal and Order session, at your home, to view your stunning images and order your bespoke wall art, albums or story box.

You only buy what you love, so you can mix and match products to produce a truly customised collection that helps you to Remember what we Forgot…

Clients typically invest between $1000 and $3500 for their customised, professionally printed Wall Art and Albums.