room view showing wood wrapped canvas of family spread out along the beach

We know that choosing a photographer who you think will be able to capture and tell the story of your family is a huge decision… and the first of many.  There are quite a few things to consider in planning your session right through to receiving those amazing Albums and Prints in your hands.  I like to think that once you have chosen me, that the hardest decision is made.  Because now you have someone there to help every step of the way.  The Family Photography Experience is truly customised to each and every one of my clients from the beginning right through to the end.  It is perfect for those who want and demand a high level of service and quality.

One of the things I will be wondering about as soon as we start discussing your photography vision is…


So why do I wonder about this question?   Because it is the question that will guide how we plan your session, how I photograph your family and how I can give you what you want at the end.  To help us get there, I use a process of four easy steps, that will guide us to the end.  This simple process includes Consultation, Photography Session, Reveal and Order Appointment and Delivery/ Installation of your beautiful art pieces.


Stunningly beautiful, authentic photography sessions don’t just happen by accident.  We need to put our heads together for a bit and work out what exactly it is you envision.  At the consultation we find out what the goals are for the session.  What images are most important to you.  How you would like them captured (Family Lifestyle or Family Documentary Approach)? Is there a time of year you were thinking? Or maybe a new baby is on the way, and you want to capture the sweetness of one of her first days with all the family at home?  The consultation is where you will tell me what it is you really want me to capture… the essence of your family.  From there, we need to move on to what you want to do with your images.

These beautiful moments of intimacy between your family, as they grow and learn and laugh, deserve to be admired in your home – by you and your children.  Studies have demonstrated that beautiful family portraiture displayed within homes with children has a significant positive effect on children’s self esteem and feeling of belonging.  Children and family are your greatest joy and masterpiece.  Their images need to be somewhere where they can be seen and enjoyed, over and over… Some people ask about digital images when they get in touch, which we absolutely offer, but I have found that often, with digital files, clients post them on social media and then plop “them’, their usb stick, in a desk draw, in line to be printed with the 3,487 photos on their phone.  The majority of my clients want the full service, they want heirloom, quality, bespoke pieces that will last generations and will look stunning on their walls and in their albums.

During our Consultation process, we will explore exactly how you want to display and enjoy the images of your greatest loves.  Maybe it’s gorgeous custom Wall Art, beautiful heirloom quality Albums, or classic printed framed images… The options are as varied and unique as you and your family.



At the session we are putting our planning in to action… whether it is an hourly family beach session, a day in the life session, or capturing the Birth of your last child.  This is where you get to be you, and I work my magic capturing the beautiful images of your family.

Newborn Sessions are arranged in the comfort of your own home.  I don’t care about clutter and mess that comes with a new baby, I am there to capture your family welcoming this new little miracle into your homes and lives.  Our amazingly unique Day in the Life sessions usually always start at home too – and also some of our maternity sessions.

Family’s usually like to meet on location (at the beach or some cool bush/ rainforest spot) for hourly family sessions… and sometimes the Day in the Life and Maternity sessions are held on location too…  All sessions will be relaxed and fun, because we have talked, we have a shared vision of what you are after, so this part of the process is about just playing and having fun.


I love this part!! This is where we cry and laugh and sometimes that awesome little cry/ laugh snort happens.  This is where we get to see what we planned come into its own life.  The different types of sessions bring such unique imagery from each and every family… We will sit and view your images, review display options, design albums, talk about cards or prints and work to bring your plan to life.  This is where we design the unique, customised pieces that will be displayed and enjoyed in your home for years to come.  Be sure to include anyone who has input into this part of the process, especially reluctant spouses.  They probably want to have a say in the images and art work displayed in your home.



Approximately four weeks after the Reveal and Ordering Appointment I will be in touch to arrange a time to deliver your beautiful portraits and albums.  I can schedule a time that is most convenient for you.  Will you need some help with installation? Don’t worry, I can also help with that as well.


What I am loving, is that clients are arranging annual family photography experiences with me every year, so they can capture their family growing and changing, and have an easy plan to ensure images are captured to the style that they love, whilst at the same time, developing a long term strategy for perserving their family’s photographic legacy.


The standard Creative Session Fee starts from $250* for Maternity, and Family Short Story Telling Sessions. This fee will book and secure your preferred date/ time,  and include the pre-session consultation, photography session and reveal and order appointment.  No prints or digital images are included within the Creative Session Fee.  All products are purchased from an a la carte menu presented at the Consultation.  The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you:  you only buy what you love!  Most families invest between $1000 and $4500 on a collection of their favourite custom made artwork to display and enjoy in their home.  Click on the “Get in Touch” button below to inquire further and get the conversation started.

(* Weekend Sessions $50 extra)  |   Newborn Weekday Creative Fee $350 (Weekday Only)

Longer Family Documentary Sessions (Birth, First 48, and Day in the Life Sessions) are priced higher, based on added time spent at session.