A morning with the Calderone Family

I can hardly believe this gorgeous in-home, family documentary story telling session was taken a year ago… A beautiful family session in the weeks leading up to a stunning wedding for these amazing people and their totally adorable children.

We started early on a Sunday morning.  Georgi and Dom were a little amused as to what this ‘family documentary photography’ was all about.  And then, once the kids started to help with breakfast and just be their absolute magical selves, everyone just relaxed right into it!! I love how freeing these sessions are.  We get to see the displeasure of a little man who does not want too much Jam on his toast (but he does it so sweetly, its nothing but adorable).  We get to see the reactions of everyone when one of the kids finds, and then plays, a whistle from a party.  We get to play and talk with baby dolls on the table.  And I loved that everyone had a turn trying to twist and open the Monte Carlo biscuit – as it should be!!!

After breakfast, the kids thought it was time for a cuddle puddle on the couch.  Parents to take a seat, and the kids to dive on them, tickle and cuddle and try not to laugh… This is where I get to see some real magic!!! The way that kids in full play, laughing and giggling and trying to ‘get’ mum and dad is pure delight.

The swings outside started to call, and the kids were on it!! Racing out – all we could hear were those sweet little cries of “higher!!…. HIGHER!!” Do you remember what it was like to swing high up on the swing? The dropping feeling you felt in your stomach, and of course, going higher than your brother or sister and whooshing through the air with your hands held out, like you were flying…more Bliss!

Daisy the dog was not to be ignored, and soon a game of backyard soccer was in play, and the rush and madness of everyone chasing the ball.

Finally, the park down the road provided a quick moment to get some formal images, but quickly, as the pile on began again.  The kids were loving on some of their most favourite playground gear, whilst I took a few cheeky minutes with Dom and Georgi to capture some sweet, playful moments together – getting ready for their beautiful wedding in a month.

It was such a fun, playful, effortless session… I’ll let the pictures tell more of the story.