A moment with their Mum

You may have read another blog I have recently posted.  A big long one.  It was my first ever photo essay, and it was a big, no huge, Preservation Project that I undertook in memory of my mum, and remembering her 25 years after her death.

I wanted to make some pictures for my Sister and her boys.  Just them being them.  And I wanted to take them in my sisters room, on her bed, in front of the massive painting that was once the picture above our mothers bed.  There was a connection of sorts – and I wanted to make a picture.  I wrote in the other post, that one week before our mum died, I had a conversation with her, in her room, about how angry I was that she was dying and leaving us, and that I was scared and sad because my 20 year old brain couldn’t figure out where or why she was going.  She talked to me about that picture.  She told me her Heaven was just like that… Beautiful soft pink morning light, a cool breeze, waves crashing and making the most glorious of sea sounds.  In her mind, she added horses running along the beach, a gentle rain, and a feeling of warmth.

My sister asked to have this painting, and it hangs in proudly above her bed.

These pictures made here, are beautiful moments for me!! Watching those boys have a few moments with their Mum, jumping on the bed WITH her… climbing over her, singing, laughing, tickling, gigging…  It was maybe 10 minutes in all, but they all loved every second of it!!!

It makes me laugh because it shows their cheeky characters, the humour that they are developing, and the connection that exists between these boys and their mum!!