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Family Hourly Sessions

Family hourly sessions are all about fun.  These sessions usually take place at a special outdoor location, where both the kids and parents can run, swing, splash, tumble, throw, catch, tickle and just play.  These sessions will usually start with the family catching up together, sitting on the ground, while I start capturing some group shots… and then the play begins.  Bring your favourite activities, or we can explore the beach, the forest, the park, the creek, with the aim of taking some amazing photographs of your family at play.  Lifestyle Photography involves more direction than the family documentary approach, usually because we have less time. When I ask you to hold your baby in a certain way, stand facing the light (maybe at a window, or towards the sun at the beach) or to start playing and interacting with the kids, that’s lifestyle photography — it’s attempting to mimic life, but with some small interventions from me, so we can capture the story as organically as possible. When the family is running and playing, without being aware of the camera, and I continue taking pictures during those moments, that’s family documentary photography because I am not directing you in any way. Most of my sessions are a mix of both lifestyle and family documentary photography so that I can create a gallery of images that are both as authentic, beautiful and quirky as your precious little family.

Sessional fees start at $150  for a 1 to 2-hour location or home-based photo shoot.

Various Packages and Collections can then be added to ensure you get the family photo sessions that meets you and your families needs.

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I would love to hear from you and make sure we plan a session that is going to be perfect for your family…