Day in the Life – Family Documentary Photography

Modern Storytelling

How does a Day in the Life photography work?

Day in the Life photography is just that… it is a full day documenting the tiny details and interactions, funny faces, little rituals, every day, precious little moments, that tell the story of your family right here and right now… It is Modern Story Telling!!!

Usually, I would discuss with the family options for arrival, ideally arriving the night before so I can have a meal with the family without the camera in hand, with the aim of just getting to know everyone, including the kids, just a little bit.  If staying over, I will wake when the children usually wake and aim to capture their morning routine… jumping on mum and dad… breakfast… getting ready for school/ the day ahead… I encourage as much of a usual day as possible – let’s get the kids while they are playing, or drinking their juice with dad and snuggling while mum has a cup of tea… What is the getting dressed routine? Who picks the outfits? Is it quick and easy? or long and fought with negotiation? That’s the stuff we want to document… What happens mid-morning? Are they outings? Who sits where in the car? What happens when we get there? And what does ‘there’ look like?  A day at the beach, lunch at play gym, shopping for groceries, a visit to Grandma’s? Maybe it is activities at home… baking a cake or cookies, playing with play dough, painting, puzzles, board games, jumping on trampolines, riding bikes, dressing up, having a nap, cuddles with the new baby, cuddle puddles on the ground… these everyday moments are going to be rich in memories and for stories in years to come… I promise you…

All the days highlights are captured – waking up, breakfast, morning activities, lunch, naps, and play times, outings, baths, dinner time and story time and getting ready to sleep….

A full Day in the Life, 24-hour coverage, may sound overwhelming… but I can assure you it goes by like that… click… and results in some amazing imagery and story-telling…

But there is another Day in the Life package available…  a half day (4 to 6 hours) Day in the Life session…  So we can choose a morning to lunch day, or a lunch to dinner day.  Just think how much we pack into every hour… The aim stays the same – capturing everyday moments to ensure they become memories so when we are all old and wise we can look back and Remember what we Forgot…

Day in the Life Pricing includes the choice of length of session (24 hour coverage or half day), together with choice of digital gallery, either Artisan or Extended Galleries… Please see Pricing and Product information in the link below…

Please message me to find out more about the Day in the Life Session

The Birth, First Glimpse and Day in the Life sessions, utilise the family documentary photography approach.  This approach is focussed on capturing the story, as naturally and organically as possible, without providing any direction or input within the scene.  The photographer’s objective is purely observational.  Now this means the photographer will use all their senses to ‘find the frame’.  We will stand on chairs, cruel on our belly’s, get in the surf and pool, climb under the table and sometimes, we may get pretty close.

But the collections these shoots produce… Whistle – they are unique, bold and beautiful.

They are very personal and intimate in nature, so I have more detailed information to send to families who are considering these approaches.

Add On Products include Artisan Gallery, Extended Gallery, Family Heirloom Album and prints