Session Information and Pricing

I know families are busy with work, school, sports, clubs, friends and just living.  Making the time for some family photos and play can be kinda challenging (… and a little daunting).  Below are links to the different types of sessional information and pricing that are available to customise your session exactly the way you would like. The right combination is what will work for you.  And the best time to book – is right now.

I love that every family arrives with a few nerves, shy kids, or kids that just wanna run, run, run.  The good news is we will make it happen, and we will make it fun at the same time.  Kids have always been kinda curious about me, and we end up becoming firm friends because we talk and tease, and I love laughing with the family when they play.  I am one of those people who cringes getting my photo taken, but I think we are our most perfect when we are imperfect.  How gorgeous are kids with missing teeth, braces, ice cream all around their mouths, messy hair and that absolute must wearing of that particular tutu outfit combination…

Those are the things I want to remember… and those are the things my clients tell me are the special things that make beautiful family images such important mementos.  I know that each family will bring something different and unique to each session – and I kinda love the quirkiness that entails.  My photographic style is to capture moments within a natural, organic and authentic approach.  I love seeing and capturing the connection that exists.   To achieve that, I am committed to making the experience as light-hearted as possible for kids and parents, filled with humour and focussed on fun!!

Kids are always in search of fun and laughter, and I have noticed that we can find those beautiful big smiles when the focus is on play rather than smiling for the camera.  If the family is free to enjoy, laugh and seek out an adventure – this will reflect in the images. Without doubt, Mums and Dads also love the fun focus too.

Payment Plans are available, please do not hesitate to ask me about them.

What type of Session are you after?

Product and Package Add Ons:

If you really want to print your own photos along with the 3,763 on your phone, may the force be with you!!  But I’m guessing that having me handle this for you will be a huge relief that ensures you and your kids will hold these memories and reminisce over them at future family gatherings and Christmas dinners for years to come.  Prints start from $7

The Artisan Gallery

The Artisan Gallery includes the top rated images from the photographer that will be individually hand edited.  Family Documentary Sessions (Birth, First Glimpse and Day in the Life, are paired with this gallery, with images usually starting around 50-75).

The Extended Gallery

The Extended Gallery includes a further selection of images, included together with the Artisan Gallery – all are individually hand edited.   The number of images varies based on base package chosen, and situation, but will often include an extra 100 images.


The beauty and benefit of both Family Lifestyle and Documentary photography is the sheer volume of images taken to ensure the capture of an honest and authentic story of the family.  Families are usually keen to purchase an album to ensure that they have a beautiful memento of a snapshot in time of their family (many families do these sessions every year around the same date).  Who doesn’t love pouring over photos on those nights when you take trips down memory lane with the kids?

I know I treasure every single photo I have from my childhood (about 30 images in total -seriously sad I know).  I want to make sure that all our kids have that photo box/ album that they can touch, feel and see at any time… those photo boxes really are family treasures.  They are family heirlooms to be passed along from you to your children.


Who doesn’t love walking into their lounge room to see a gorgeous image of your family smiling and laughing looking back down at you.  Family Photography is about telling the story of your family and there are always, always, some images that give people goosebumps when they see them… I like to call these shots, the “hero” shot – the shot you want to see expertly printed and displayed as quality Wall Art within your home.  I work with Professional Pro Labs all around Australia to ensure beautiful, unique, quality prints are available for order, using traditional professional lab printing presses and museum quality archival paper and inks to ensure that your images remain pristine for decades to come.

Beautiful Wall Art Examples