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Welcome to the world baby Kade – In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

An In-Home Newborn Photography Session is such a relaxing and natural style of Newborn Photography.

The session revolves around the needs of you and your children.  I’m not looking for clean sparkling spaces – I’d rather come into a home worn with love, which means toys everywhere… and with a new baby, I totally get that there may be washing on the sofa ready for folding.  My focus is going to be on the people that make this a home… If new baby is feeding or a little unsettled when I arrive, I will work on building a friendship with big brothers and sisters, maybe exploring their room and finding some glorious light and grabbing some cute images as we play.

Sometimes toddlers may be a little shy, and that’s ok too, they may just need a little time to suss me out – which means we may start exploring some toys or singing some songs – I have the dance moves to the wiggles “Bear is now asleep” down.  If your little ones like dancing, driving trucks or dinosaurs over the couch, or dare I say, jumping on the bed – well that is where we will start.  There is no forcing cuddles or smiling for the camera, I like to be led by them, as king of the castle for the session.

In down times I will sneak in some shots of their new little baby with mum and dad, under the direction of our little muse toddler.

Being relaxed and working to toddler time, I am able to capture those raw and organic moments of the family.  My job is to witness those intimate little looks between you all, those gentle touches and those big whole face smiles – and show the connection and love.

Most often, it’s the toddlers that want to introduce their new little baby, and we can explore all the beautiful tiny details of this new little baby, seeing the purity and innocence, in playful shots maybe all sprawled out on your bed.

Introducing Baby Kade

This beautiful little family welcomed me into their home to meet baby boy Kade and to capture some awesome moments with big brother Seth, Mum, Dad and of course their fur baby.  We played on the bed, which toddler Seth just loved, had some awesome moments on the couch with their cute little pup, and had some quiet time with baby Kade.  The session was relaxed, took the time that it needed, and produced some awesome images.

If you would like to learn more about In-home Newborn Sessions or to book your Lifestyle Photography session please get in touch.  It would be great to hear from you.