Tell me more about Mother’s Day Mini’s…

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is an awesome time to have some pictures made where Mumma is front and centre and actually exisiting in the picture (instead of being the one who usually takes the family photos).

This year I am offering a number of special in-home Limited Edition Mother’s Day Mini sessions which includes a 30 minutee documentary style sessions doing what you love doing the most.  Maybe that’s playing with your little ones, reading books, making cookies, having a Tea Party with Grandma or blowing bubbles in the back yard.  What will be front and centre is the adoration of Motherhood… of all the beautiful everyday ordinaries that your kids look for and find comfort in.

Why make pictures just now?

These pictures are mementos  for your children for these beautiful moments in time right now. What you all look like, how you play, how they give open mouth kisses, how you touch their head as you leave a room, the way you smile at each other…The connection, authenticity and quirkiness of your little tribe.  Every year seems to go past so fast, and children grow so fast.  Pictures that hold our memories and history are important and we need to make sure we get in those pictures with our favourite people to show we where there.


What are the juicy details?

Doing the session in your home means everyone is comfortable in their safest of places. Already relaxed and ready to do what you do.  (And no, this does not mean you have to scrub the house from top to bottom, a little tidy will be fine – folding up in the cupboard is fine.  I am there for the craziness, the chaos and the fun.  Please see my FAQ’s below for more information).

The session cost is $350 and comes with 10 digital images from a 30 minute in home session (You will receive an extended gallery to choose your images from).

Sessions are for Mums, Children, Grandmothers and Aunties.  Each session is primarily for one core family.  Terms and Conditions apply

Options for upgrades and add ons are available.


How does it work?

These precious little sessions are all about documenting you and the ones you loved (whether they are 6 months or 26 years old). They are about documenting you beautiful Mumma right now, and how you love on your kiddos… they will be treasured by you, by your babies and by all the special people who love you the most.

These sessions can take place in your home, the place you feel most comfortable and can include some of the activities that you love doing the most. What are the things from right now in time you want to remember forever? is it…

  • Cuddling on the couch with your babes and you read a story with arms and legs going everywhere
  • Do you like to blow bubbles with the kiddos as they race to pop the big ones
  • Maybe you like to have a cuddle puddle on the ground after watering the garden (kiddos)
  • Maybe it’s time for a Tea Party with Nanny, Mum and the little ones – or big ones
  • Do your kids love cooking in the kitchen with you
  • Do your kids love to snuggle and chase the family fur baby
  • Having a Mum and Me Milkshake at the local cafe
  • Or is there a playground where mum can swing higher than the kids

The most glorious thing about these special documentary family photography sessions, is that the pictures made are times and moments, quirks and connections, the most relaxed and candid, raw and sweet snippets in time for you to always be able to Remember what we Forgot.

Please use the Contact Form below to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a session.  And see the important FAQ’s below.

Frequently Asked Questions


01.  What is Documentary Family Photography?

In home documentary family photography takes place in your home or favourite place.  It’s all about capturing and making pictures of your beautiful everyday ordinary as it happens right now.  No awkward poses, no forced smiles, no wrestling kids and husbands into matching outfits or sitting still and smiling – zero awkward poses I promise.  The only thing you have to do is live and love in your own comfortable space.  When I come to photograph you, it will be like having an old friend in the house just following you around and witnessing all your special family magic.  Definitely no set schedules and usually always led by your babies and kiddos.  I will start making pictures as I find you.  If baby is ready for a feed, we start there, if the toddler wants to take me to their room to show me their stuff, I blindly follow… If the pre-schooler wants to search for lady bugs – I’m all in.  If the teenagers are keen to just hang out, I will become a fly on the wall. If someones being shy or wanting to do their own thing, in their red spider man undies, then it’s ok Mumma… we will capture the quirks of your beautiful everyday ordinary and it will be GLORIOUS.

Grandma hitting the on button for the blender with her grand daughter covering her ears and and her grandson squealing in delight at the noise

02.  Our family is kinda boring…

Nope, Nadda, No…. Totally untrue!!!

Mumma’s, I know how much you do with your kiddos!! Seriously…. I know!! the beauty of my job is I get to show you.  I will hang out with your family during meal times, during butterfly expeditions, Wiggles sing and dance time, bubble time, climbing the furniture stack, tying up shoelaces, picking out the outfit for the day.

I will show you the Connections I see, simple little looks shared between teens, capturing the moment you leave the room and place a hand on the nearest Childs head,  arms wrapped around necks giving tight squeezes and kisses on the nose.

I get to document Moments in Time – perhaps this is the last months your toddler demands hot choccy with dad in the morning or the your baby nurses.  Maybe you are about to leave this home you bought your babies back to for the first time. Or maybe your treasured fur baby is getting older and may not be around for much longer.  It’s incredible the things that can change in a year. Are you mindful of some of changes sneaking in to your family’s routine that you want to remember forever?

Making pictures in Your Safe Place where kids (and parents) can relax and let the day unfold.  The last few years have shown us how much comfort we find in our homes.  The breathe we take when we get there and the feeling of safety we have with everyone doing their thing.  This is the place where we are the most comfortable, where we can be who we are authentically.  Our homes are an extension of who we are, not only all the comfy details like a cuddle puddle lounge, but where we all can be most at ease.

I get to be witness and wonder at the amazing Quirks that exist in your Family.  Kids make me laugh every day. They can be so weird! The energy they have to climb out and show me how they can jump in the pool, the way they like readying books upside down on the couch, the teaching of children how to talk smack when playing monopoly, the finding of a quiet place with a hand held up so we (they) cant see our face while pooping in the nappy… man – kids (and parents) have quirky personalities and documentary family photography allows me to see it and document for you.  I have a load more reasons why your documentary family photography session will not be boring, but you will need to read that in my blog.

Mum and Dad on the bed playing with toddler son who is flying by putting his belly on mums feet as she lifts him whilst dad is holding on to newborn baby sister

03.  My home does not look like it came straight out of a magazine.

Your home or the place you choose to have your documentary family photography session does not have to look like a magazine spread… It does not need to be scrubbed within an inch of its life.

What we will see in the pictures is love and connection and quirks and comfort… they are going to jump out and tickle your heart.

Do you need a little more convincing?  Ok, there are no prizes for having the tidiest house, the most expensive furniture (with kids are you crazy) or lavishly lush styling (crash, boom, bang).  Seriously I am not there judging a house renovation competition.  I’m here for the chaos and the beautiful everyday ordinary.  The laughter, the noise and craziness of how you share your home with the people you love.  Let’s just soak in the beautiful real of your place of comfort.  All you need to do in preparation for our documentary family photography session is a quick little tidy (perfectly fine to move the folding pile into the cupboard)…