New Baby Photography Packages

Welcoming a new baby into the family is such a huge life event.  So many things are taking place and being organised… Mum’s body is changing as this new life grows inside.  Brothers and sisters start warming to the idea of being a ‘big’ sibling.  Dad’s are wondering what it will be like… Grandparents can not wait to meet another piece of themselves, of their child.  With all these amazing things going on, many of my clients note they are so grateful for the pictures, as ‘it’ all went so fast…

Feather Touch Photography offers a number of New Baby packages.  Below is a brief outline of what these packages entail.   I would encourage people who are interested in further information, to email me via the CONTACT PAGE so I can send you a detailed Pricing booklet which outlines packages, collections, and photographic approaches.  Please feel free to also ask about Payment Plans that are available.

Maternity Packages

These sessions are to celebrate the beauty and strength of women and their families as their new baby grows inside them!! What child, no matter the age, doesn’t love seeing images of their pregnant mum??  The aim is to celebrate and showcase that glorious bump, so we use beautiful flowing materials, colourful beads and stunning natural light and find a setting that reflects you and your family.

Collections and Add On Product Price List here

Birth Packages

This package is about the journey undertaken from the labour process, through delivery, to meeting your beautiful new baby and introducing to your loved ones.  This package utilises the Story Telling/ Family Photo-Journalistic Photography approach, where the documenting of images is about capturing one of the most intimate moments within any family – the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of that amazing birthing process.

Making the decision to have a birth photographer is highly personal, as it is such an intimate experience.  I would encourage lots of questions, both over the phone and face to face – it is imperative that you feel comfortable having that extra person in the room, acting as a fly on the wall, honouring your space.  The benefits of having a Birth Photographer present are significant, capturing a truly magic life moment, where mum remains focussed on birth, Dad on protecting her space, with someone present, who can work in a fast moving, low light situation, ensuring those once in a lifetime images are captured and the story of baby’s arrival is documented forever.

Every Birth Package includes –

  • Both a telephone and face to face one to one consultation either at home or a coffee shop, to have a chat and get to know each other. We will meet to discuss and personalise your photography plan, and can look through some examples to get an idea of the look and feel you would be interested in being captured
  • On call, ready when you are, from the time you reach 38 weeks in your pregnancy
  • Full coverage of your labour (arrival time to be agreed) – including those first few precious hours after your birth as mum and dad get acquainted with this precious little person
  • The session will include a First Moments element, where we hope to capture the first weighing and measurements, the first feed and first family portrait

First Glimpse Package

These sessions, wow… these are the sessions when big brothers/ sisters get to meet their new baby.  When grandparents get to see that beautiful baby that is a further extension of them.  When aunts and uncles and beautiful friends get to see and meet this new, precious baby, that has also claimed a grip around their heart.  These moments are so precious because they are so raw, tender, full of love and wonder…

The Session Fee, including an ‘On call’ element, is $400, and includes a pre-birth consultation, 2 hour birth location shoot.


Newborn at Home Package

At Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography suits families who are looking to capture their newborn and family as organically as possible, in a comfortable home environment, supporting a natural and simplistic style for this collection.  These sessions really do help us to remember what we forgot, capturing your newborn whilst they are so tiny and new, those little fingers and toes, nose and eyelashes, and just be in awe of how amazing life can be.

The average investment for a Newborn session is between $1200 and $1400.

New Baby Combination Session Options

Families can mix and match session elements to ensure they have the preferred package for their situation when expecting a New Baby.  This could include a BIRTH package, which captures a maternity session, the birth and delivery journey and family first glimpse with big brothers/ sisters and grandparents.  Or maybe, the family would prefer just the maternity and at home lifestyle newborn family session.

Please send me a message so we can discuss all the finer details, including time frame for booking, look and feel of images you are wanting, location, session type etc.  I will send you a detailed PDF magazine outlining the process and pricing.