A new baby really is a blessing for the whole family.  Doesn’t it just amaze your brain how magnificent the world is when it comes to babies. How they come to be, grow inside their mumma, and by being born, a new soul comes earth bound, a mother is born, a father is born, and big sisters and brothers are made.  No women or man ever, has watched a beautiful round belly transform with little hands and feet sticking through, and not been totally in awe!!!  Maternity story telling photography is all about remembering the amazing things our bodies do to bring life into the world.

When capturing the family story telling session of maternity, I love watching the Dadda looking at his partner in wonder.  I love watching the spirit of the expecting in Mumma, full of life, of spirit and of love.  And I love the little kisses from the expectant big brothers and sisters onto those beautiful round bellies.

Families love to tell this story in many different ways.  Using beautiful flowing materials and gowns and connecting with nature either at the beach or in the rain forest… or around your home doing every day things.  Why are these images so important?  Because wow… you made that little baby, they grow inside you (mind fritzingly mad), and woman, whoah… you are no fiercer, no more powerful, no more beautiful and no more vulnerable than when you are growing (and birthing) your baby!  These are some of the most unique experiences you will share with your family, and I know that mumma’s and kids LOVE looking at these amazing images.  Being able to tell the story of creating your little one, and how they and you looked when they were in your tum… These are precious moments!! Priceless Moments.

This beautiful little family is growing…

This stunning Mumma was amazing… We found this special little spot with the early winter sun shinning through the bushland, and highlighting how radiant she looked and felt.  Her beautiful baby bump led proudly, and there were plenty of kisses from Big Brother to be and Daddy… These will be special momentos for their whole family, and especially their new little bub.

Keep an eye out for the stunning First Glimpse (Fresh 48) and Newborn Galleries of this gorgeous little family.

What will your maternity story telling photography session look like?  How do you want to remember what we forgot…